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Five Easy Pieces for Piano Beginners

As a piano beginner, it can be really difficult to know which pieces are easy enough to learn and play without an enormous amount of effort. The world of piano music is incredibly vast, and many piano students find the search for easy piano pieces and songs quite daunting.

In this post, I’ve assembled five of my favorite piano arrangements for beginners. Each of these pieces can be played by piano students after less than a year of study. 

I’ll describe the particular characteristics and difficulties of each of these pieces, explain why I find them to be easy and good pieces for beginners, and will provide you a link for the sheet music as well. And you’ll also find tutorials for each of these piano pieces as part of my step-by-step online course.

What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Download the sheet music for What a Wonderful World

Written in 1967, this piece was made famous by Louis Armstrong. It sounds great on the piano, and is quite easy to play! It only has one flat, and the melody is simple and slow.

One of the challenges for beginners with this piece is coordinating the triplets in the left hand with the eighth notes in the right hand. This two-against-three rhythm can be a little tricky, but if you slow down the video and use the A/B looping function on Peterson Piano Academy, you should be able to learn it without any problem.

Country Roads (John Denver)

Download the sheet music for Country Roads

Every time I listen to this piece, it transports me to the beautiful landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love to play it on the piano, and it’s a piece that can be learned quite quickly.

The accompaniment in the left hand is very easy, because the same pattern repeats over and over again on different chords. The key signature can be a little challenging for some students though, because there are three sharps. 

All in all though, this is a wonderful, easy piano piece that is perfect for beginners.

Piano Man (Billy Joel)

Download the sheet music for Piano Man

This piece is a “must learn” for any beginning pianist who wants to wow their friends at a party. Everyone knows this piano classic, and believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy to play.

The fact that it’s in C major means there aren’t many black keys, and the chords are quite repetitive, so you can learn them quickly.

This piece isn’t as slow as the other ones, so the tempo can be a bit of a challenge. Just start slow and work up to a faster tempo step by step, and you’ll be playing this piano hit in no time!

Prelude in C Major (J.S. Bach)

Download the sheet music for Bach’s Prelude in C Major

 This is one of Bach’s easiest piano pieces (even though technically, it was written for harpsichord or clavichord), and also one of his greatest. There’s something about this piece that conveys such a sense of peace, joy, and beauty.

This piece is also in C major, so the sharps and flats don’t present much difficulty. The rhythm is the same in almost every measure, so that’s quite simple too. And to top it off, the second half of each measure is the same as the first! So all in all, this is one of the easiest classical piano pieces for beginners.

It does, however, require some coordination in the fingers, because certain notes need to be held down while others are released (you’ll see this in the tutorial.)

Perfect (Ed Sheeran)

Download the sheet music for Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” Who doesn’t love this Ed Sheeran classic? It’s fairly recent, having been released in 2017. It’s a piece whose lyrical melody and beautiful chordal accompaniment make it perfect for beginning pianists. Many things about this piano song make it ideal for piano students just getting started. It has an easy key signature, a slow tempo, and plenty of repeated notes in the left hand, which makes the accompaniment easy to learn.


I hope you enjoy practicing these five easy piano pieces! If you’re looking for many more ideas, there are literally hundreds of pieces for beginners in my online course. I’ve arranged them all into fifteen difficulty levels so you’ll be sure to find pieces that perfectly match your ability level!

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