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Level: Intermediate

Level 8

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About This Level

In this level, we’ll learn an exercise to help you play parallel thirds on the piano. This exercise is great for developing strength and independence of the fingers. After that, we’ll cover some more scales, and learn to play the C major scale in parallel motion. Playing the scales in parallel motion can be more difficult than contrary motion, because the hands no longer move symmetrically.

We’ll also learn how to build minor chords. After major chords, minor chords are the most frequently found chords in Western music, and absolutely necessary for every pianist to learn. There are literally thousands of songs and pieces build from nothing but major and minor chords, so once you’ve mastered these, you’ll have a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

In the repertoire section, we’ll learn to play a few fun classical pieces, as well as a couple famous folk tunes. We’ll expand upon our lead-sheet playing with the song “Amazing Grace.”

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