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Level: Beginner

Level 4

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About This Level

So far, our pieces have been in “five-finger” positions, but in this level, we’ll start leaping a bit more between different notes. We’ll learn to extend the hand, and to tuck the thumb under the other fingers in order to move more easily between hand positions. Remember- the further you can move the thumb under, the better, so keep working on that flexibility. We’ll learn a couple exercises to help you develop that skill, and we’ll put it to use in learning the C Major scale.

We’ll learn more note values (eighth notes and dotted quarter notes), and we’ll cover upbeats and repeat signs as well. After that, we’ll learn to play a few very famous songs like “Happy Birthday,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Simple Gifts”, as well as some classical pieces that will help you continue to develop your skills in note reading, technique and coordination between the hands.

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