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Level: Intermediate

Level 10

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About This Level

In level 10, we’ll continue by learning several major scales. We’ve already covered major and minor chords, and we’ll add upon that knowledge by learning about the two remaining types of triad: diminished and augmented. We’ll also learn some important new rhythms and note values, including sixteenth notes and dotted eighth notes. In addition, we’ll begin using the sustain pedal for the first time.

By now, your skills have developed to the point that you can play some really great piano music, and this level features quite a few tutorials on some famous piano pieces. Among them are “America the Beautiful,” “Go Tell It On the Mountain,” “Greensleeves,” Bach’s famous “Prelude in C Major,” and more.

Level 10 is a big one, and it might take you a fair amount of time to master it. That’s OK- the pieces are getting longer and harder! Keep with it, and with some regular practice you’ll be able to master these pieces and add some really wonderful piano music to your repertoire.

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