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Welcome to the Peterson Piano Academy! I’m delighted to have you here and look forward to helping you improve your piano skills. I am a professional concert pianist with a doctoral degree in piano performance from the Peabody Conservatory, and this course is the result of decades of teaching experience working with pianists of all levels. 

I’ve structured this course very methodically so that you learn as quickly and efficiently as possible, and the hundreds of exercises and pieces have been carefully chosen to help you improve step by step without getting frustrated along the way. By the time you make it to the end of this course, you’ll be playing beautiful, advanced pieces in their original versions by some of your favorite classical and pop composers. And if you’d like to get personalized feedback on your playing from me, just join one of our live seminars!

As I mention in the video above, each level in this course is divided into three sections. The “Technique” sections contains useful exercises to help you improve your control, speed, and agility at the piano. The “Theory” sections help you actually understand the music you’re playing, and you’ll learn all about reading music, intervals, chords, terminology and so forth. The “Repertoire” sections feature tutorials on various pieces that you can play given your current skill level, along with tips on how to make them sound really great. As the levels progress, you’ll find more and more pieces in these sections, simply because the more you know, the greater number of pieces you can play. 

Don’t feel obligated to play all the pieces in the “Repertoire” section. Maybe you only like classical music, or only pop. That’s perfectly OK. However, with each piece you play, your skill set and knowledge base will expand, making it easier to learn other pieces in the future.

I’m always here to answer any questions you might have throughout the course. Feel free to write me a note at info@petersonpianoacademy.com. Wishing you much success and enjoyment in your piano journey!


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