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Level: Beginner

Level 1

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About This Level

If you’re brand new to learning the piano and have never played a note of music in your life, this is the place to start! In this first level, we’ll start with the absolute basics, from how to sit at the piano to finding notes in both the treble and the bass clef. After that, we’ll play a few short and simple pieces for each hand alone.

As you play these first pieces, be sure to keep your fingers rounded, as if you’re holding a tennis ball, and don’t be afraid to strike the keys fairly strongly. Play deeply into the keys, always depressing each key as far as it will go. Keep your neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists relaxed. If at first you feel like the smaller fingers (nos. 4 and 5) are hard to depress, don’t worry; it can take a little time to build up the necessary strength in each finger.

If you ever feel confused, don’t forget that you can slow down the video or use the looping feature to repeat a particular section. And most importantly, stick with it! Try to set aside a regular time to practice. Learning to play the piano is not something that happens overnight, but with some regular effort you’ll be playing exciting pieces in no time. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a note in the comments section. Happy practicing!

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